Mastiff Mix

Canis lupus

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Don't let the boxmas's intimidating appearance and size fool you; they are actually gentle giants with even temperaments.


Mastiff Mix Scientific Classification

Scientific Name
Canis lupus

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Mastiff Mix Locations

Mastiff Mix Locations

Mastiff Mix Facts

Name Of Young
Group Behavior
  • Solitary
Fun Fact
Don't let the boxmas's intimidating appearance and size fool you; they are actually gentle giants with even temperaments.
Gestation Period
58-68 weeks
Litter Size
5-7 puppies
  • Diurnal
Common Name
United States

Mastiff Mix Physical Characteristics

Skin Type
36 inches
Age of Sexual Maturity
6-9 months
Age of Weaning
6 weeks

Mastiff Mix as a Pet:

General Health
Energy Level
Tendency to Chew
Family and kid friendliness
Yappiness / Barking
Separation Anxiety
Preferred Temperature
Warm climate
Exercise Needs
Friendly With Other Dogs
Pure bred cost to own
Dog group
Male weight
160-230 lbs
Female weight
120-170 lbs

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Mastiffs are gigantic, dependable dogs, but when mixed with another breed, they can be even better. Additionally, their puppies are often larger than typical hybrids and could fall into the giant breed category. However, when combining two breeds, you never know what will happen or which traits it will inherit. Some mastiff mixes don’t even look like mastiffs, but they might share some characteristics.

This article will concentrate on the boxmas, a cross between a boxer and a mastiff. But first, have a look at these other popular mastiff hybrids.

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Types of Mastiff Mixes

The mastiff has a massive presence, but mixing them with other breeds can create something even better. Here are three of the most popular mastiff mixes:

Mastador (Mastiff and Labrador Retriever Mix)

Mastador standing in a field ATTRIBUTION NOT FOUND

Mastadors are generally friendly and gentle dogs.

©Corrie Mick/

The mastador is the result of crossbreeding a mastiff and a Labrador retriever. It can take after either parent breed, so this dog may be incredibly friendly or distant and aloof. It can be tough to predict a dog’s temperament until they mature, so there really is no telling what the mastador will be like until it gets older. However, the Labrador’s gentle and friendly nature usually overpowers the mastiff’s protective and aloof demeanor.

Mastweiler ( Mastiff and Rottweiler Mix)

Mastweiler amongst the trees

Mastweilers are not the best breed for novice dog owners.

Health and Entertainment for your Mastiff Mix

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If you want an intimidating guard dog, then the mastweiler is a perfect choice. Since both parents were bred specifically to protect, this mastiff mix has strong guard dog instincts. These hybrids are not for the faint-hearted; they need an experienced owner with firm training skills. Getting them socialized and trained as soon as possible is essential because of their large size and protective nature. But luckily, mastweilers are easy to train and don’t seem to have stubborn streaks.

This mastiff mix can grow really large, up to 160 pounds! Their massive size means they need a lot of space. While they aren’t that active, they need room to maneuver. These hybrids are definitely not suited to apartment living. They would knock everything over every time they tried to turn around.

The mastweiler may look intimidating to others, but they are friendly, lovable goofs with their owners. In fact, these dogs can become quite laid-back around their loved ones.

Bullsky (Mastiff and Husky Mix)

Bullsky pup on the grass

Bullskies are one of the most breathtaking hybrid dog breeds.

©Lucy Walsh/

There are plenty of differences between the mastiff and husky, so combining the two breeds was risky. However, the result is a gorgeous designer breed. They perfectly combine the mastiff’s laidback personality and the husky’s energetic nature. But, their activity levels will come in waves; they will have a burst of energy and then sleep for a few hours. Therefore, this mastiff mix is the perfect exercise companion. However, due to their large size, they shouldn’t over-exert themselves; it could lead to injury, arthritis, or joint issues.

While bullskies are intelligent dogs, they don’t apply this trait to training due to their stubborn streak. Additionally, they commonly obey commands in a training class but rebel once at home. So, this hybrid is not ideal for first-time dog owners. Instead, they need a seasoned owner who knows how to train stubborn breeds.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Boxmas

Excellent guard dogs because of their protective nature and intimidating sizeThey are not the ideal breed for families with small children due to their large size
They are highly intelligent, making them easy to trainIncredibly protective, which could be problematic if not trained properly
Low grooming requirements thanks to their short, waterproof coatsThere is no way of telling how fast they will grow or how big they will get.

The Best Dog Food for a Mastiff Mix

The best food choice would be brands rich in protein for proper muscle building and repair. Your boxmas can obtain protein from dog food, or you can add supplements to their diets. However, you can also add chicken, beef, fish, and lamb to their meals to ensure they get enough protein. Additionally, fats help eye and brain development, so foods like chicken and fish oil with Omega-3 fatty acids are good choices.

Avoid dog food with high amounts of common allergens like dairy, wheat, corn, soy, and starch. If you are unsure what dog food to buy, check the ingredient label, and if meat is not the first thing on the list, put the bag down.

Mastiff Mix Size and Weight

The male boxmas can weigh between 160 to 230 pounds, while females are smaller, weighing approximately 120 to 170 pounds. These hybrids may fall into the giant dog category as they can measure up to 36  inches tall.

A boxmas playing fetch

The boxmas has high energy levels and will need at least an hour of physical activity daily.

©Touched by light images/

Mastiff Mix Common Health Issues

While hybrids generally inherit mostly good traits from their parent breeds, it doesn’t mean they can’t inherit bad ones too. When it comes to this mastiff mix, there are a few health conditions to look out for:

  • Hip dysplasia is a terrible disease that causes the hip socket to form abnormally, causing the dog immense pain, resulting in arthritis if left untreated.
  • Ectropion – mastiffs are generally plagued by this condition. Due to an abnormality, the lower eyelids appear droopy, which can lead to conjunctivitis or keratitis.
  • Gastric torsion – the boxmas is a glutinous dog, so gastric torsion occurs when their stomachs fill with gas, fluid, and foam and starts to twist, which causes extreme pain when they move. Other names for this condition are bloat, gastric dilation, or gastric dilation-volvulus.

Life Expectancy

This mastiff mix has a long lifespan considering it is so large. These gigantic dogs can live for around 10 to 12 years.

Mastiff Mix Temperament

Don’t let the boxmas’s intimidating appearance and size fool you; they are actually gentle giants with even temperaments. This mastiff mix is becoming more popular amongst families with older children because they are gentle and loving but will protect their families with all they’ve got. However, starting training and socialization from a young age is best. If the boxmas is not socialized correctly, its protective nature can make it wary of strangers or new friends, which can be awkward in social settings.

Lastly, the boxmas dislikes being left alone, as they suffer from separation anxiety. Unfortunately, if they do not get the attention they need, these dogs will act out in destructive ways like chewing, digging, and barking.

How to Take Care of a Mastiff Mix

Taking care of the boxmas is not that tough. They have minimal grooming requirements, are easy to train, and are typically healthy. However, these hybrids do require some care, which includes:


The boxmas is a heavy shedder but easy to groom, which makes it controllable. By brushing them daily, you can significantly decrease the amount they shed and keep their coat healthy. Additionally, only bathe this breed when dirty, as bathing them too frequently can cause an overproduction of natural oils and dry skin. Furthermore, brushing their teeth at least three times a week is essential for their oral health; just ensure to use dog-friendly toothpaste. Lastly, don’t forget to check their ears regularly for any dirt accumulation, which could cause infection, and trim their nails once every three months or when they start to touch the ground.


Training the boxmas is relatively easy. They are highly intelligent dogs and like to learn new skills. However, their energetic nature means they are distracted easily, so they will need a patient trainer. Boxers take quickly to lead training, but mastiffs are fast learners too. However, the latter is capable of play-biting, which is hard to shake. So, if your hybrid inherits more traits from its mastiff parent, it will require more rigorous training to control its protective nature.


Your boxmas’s exercise routine will depend on which parent they take after. For example, the mastiff has moderate energy, while the boxer has high energy. Therefore, on average, the boxmas needs around 60 minutes of intense physical activity daily, including walking, running, jogging, fetch, or obedience training. But, regardless of which traits they inherit, this mix will need a large yard to guard and protect. So, if you plan to keep one of these gigantic dogs in a condo or apartment, think again! If the mastiff mix doesn’t get the mental and physical stimulation they need, it will turn your house upside down with its destructive behavior.


The female boxmas can have 5-7 puppies in a litter. These pups will be full of energy and mischief! So, someone should always be home to keep an eye on them at first. Never buy a boxmas from a pet store or backyard breeder, as they only care about the bottom line and don’t care about the breeds’ health. They will not screen for genetic health conditions, and you might end up with a hybrid that is always sick.

Mastiff Mix and Children

While the boxmas is excellent with children, their sheer size and clumsy nature mean they could accidentally knock over a small child in excitement and cause serious injury. So, if you want this breed to interact with children, they must first be properly trained and socialized. However, they are a great companion for older children as they are fun, active, loyal, and protective.

Mastiff Mix Cost

A boxmas puppy can set you back $800, but the price will vary depending on the breeder, location, and pedigree.

Finding one of these hybrids in a shelter might be tough, but it’s not impossible. You can ask them to contact you if they happen to come across one.

  • Hulk
  • Kong
  • Mammoth
  • Duke
  • Bear
  • Hercules
  • Goliath
  • Rebel
  • Alaska
  • Duchess
  • Harley
  • Leia
  • Nyx
  • Xena

Famous Mastiffs

Celebrities who own mastiffs include:

  • Christina Aguilera
  • Flea
  • Bob Dylan
  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • Gayle King

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Mastiff Mix FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Mastiff mixes good dogs?

Don’t let the boxmas’s intimidating appearance and size fool you; they are actually gentle giants with even temperaments. This mastiff mix is becoming more popular amongst families with older children because they are gentle and loving but will protect their families with all they’ve got. However, starting training and socialization from a young age is best.

How big will a Mastiff mix get?

The male boxmas (boxer and mastiff mix) can weigh between 160 to 230 pounds, while females are smaller, weighing approximately 120 to 170 pounds. These hybrids may fall into the giant dog category as they can measure up to 36  inches tall.

Do Mastiffs bark a lot?

The mastiff will only bark if they sense there is a threat nearby.

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