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Canis lupus

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While the Plott hound is the state dog of North Carolina, it is a very rare breed and not well-known in other states.


Plott Hound Mix Scientific Classification

Scientific Name
Canis lupus

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Plott Hound Mix Locations

Plott Hound Mix Locations

Plott Hound Mix Facts

Name Of Young
Fun Fact
While the Plott hound is the state dog of North Carolina, it is a very rare breed and not well-known in other states.
Gestation Period
58-68 Dyas
Litter Size
5-8 puppies
  • Diurnal
Common Name
Plott hound Lab mix
United States

Plott Hound Mix Physical Characteristics

  • Brindle
Skin Type
20-28 inches
Age of Sexual Maturity
6-9 months
Age of Weaning
8 weeks

Plott Hound Mix as a Pet:

General Health
Energy Level
Tendency to Chew
Family and kid friendliness
Yappiness / Barking
Separation Anxiety
Preferred Temperature
Warm climate
Exercise Needs
Friendly With Other Dogs
Pure bred cost to own
$300 to $2000
Dog group
Male weight
40-60 lbs
Female weight
40-60 lbs

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The Plott hound is named after a German immigrant that moved to North Carolina in 1770. Johannes Plott immigrated with his family and five Hanover hounds, where he bought a property in the mountains. He used his hounds to help him hunt bears and wild boars. Plott’s son Henry eventually bred the family dogs to local stock, which produced the ultimate hunter, and he named it after his family, the”Plott’s hound.”

There are several Plott hound mixes today, but this article will focus on one of the most popular, the Plott hound Labrador retriever mix. But first, take a look at some other interesting Plott hound mixes.

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Types of Plott Hound Mixes

Since the Plott hound is a rare breed, it’s challenging to find many hybrids. However, some breeders have experimented with this breed and created some very interesting mixes.

Plott Rottie

The Plott Rottie is a mix between the Plott hound and Rottweiler. This hybrid is a large-sized dog with impeccable guarding skills. While they are generally great with children, their size and energy levels are unsuitable for families with small children. These hybrids can accidentally knock over younger kids in excitement.

Plott Hound and Mastiff  Mix

The Plott hound and mastiff mix is a curious hybrid with a fiery personality. While they have an independent streak, they can be quite needy and don’t do well if left alone for long periods. If you want this Plott hound mix to get along with strangers and other pets, they will need socialization from a young age, as the Plott hound has a high prey drive, and the mastiff is notorious for its guarding abilities. They are also active dogs that need at least an hour of exercise daily.

Fun Facts About the Plott Hound Mix

  • Due to its large size, the Plott hound Lab mix is not child friendly as it can accidentally harm smaller kids. However, they are excellent companions for older children.
  • Like most hound breeds, this hybrid tends to bay, which is a unique vocalization. This sound may be unsettling to neighbors.
  • Not a good guard dog. Because this mix is part Labrador, they are generally very friendly dogs and usually welcome strangers with wagging tails and sloppy licks.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Plott Hound Mix

Friendly and loyalTends to bay
Excellent sense of smellNot good guard dogs because of their friendly natures
Great exercise companions as they love the outdoors and are very energetic.Needs a lot of space because they are so active.

The Best Dog Food for a Plott Hound Mix

The best dog food for your Plott hound Lab mix will vary depending on size and age. For example, when they are puppies, they need foods high in protein, fats, and nutrients to help them grow. That’s why purchasing high-quality puppy food is crucial to their development. Furthermore, it is a large dog and will require food specially formulated for large or giant breeds. Sadly, big dogs are often plagued with joint issues, but luckily, they can benefit from food that supports joint health, with ingredients like:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Glucosamine found in some meat ingredients like poultry
  • Fish oil

As they start to age, they will require a fiber-rich diet to aid gastrointestinal health and low in calories to prevent weight gain. Therefore, high-quality senior dog food would be ideal.

Health and Entertainment for your Plott Hound Mix

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Do not free-feed; instead, give them three smaller meals throughout the day. By dividing their meals, you ensure they consume the right amount of nutrients and proteins for their weight and size. It also prevents them from overeating.

If you are looking for ways to add some extra protein to your hybrid’s diet, meats like lamb, beef, pork, and chicken are ideal, but in moderation.

Plott Hound Mix Size and Weight

This hybrid is a medium-large sized dog that weighs between 40 to 60 pounds and measures around 20 to 28 inches tall.

Plott hound Lab mix smiling

Plott hound Lab mixes are intelligent and easy to train.

©Will Hughes/

Plott Hound Mix Common Health Issues

While Plott hound mixes are generally healthy, they can inherit certain health concerns from their parent breeds. Therefore, always be on the lookout for the following conditions:

Hip Dysplasia 

It’s not unusual for these hybrids to suffer from hip dysplasia. This condition occurs when the hip socket is underdeveloped, and the ball doesn’t fit properly. This issue can cause reduced mobility, discomfort, limping, and hopping.

Elbow Dysplasia 

Front-leg lameness is a significant sign of elbow dysplasia in large dog breeds like the Plott hound mix. Causes include:

  • Irregular skeletal development
  • Cartilage maturation
  • Joint stressors

Bloat Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV)

Bloat gastric dilatation and volvulus is a fatal condition that causes the dog’s stomach to bloat and rotate on its own axis, thus preventing the canine from passing gas and food.

Skin Issues

The Plott hound mix is prone to various allergic skin conditions due to its short coat. Things like mold, pollen, dust, atopic allergies, and dust mites cause inflammation and itching. However, if you buy from a reputable breeder, they will check their breeding pairs for any diseases or conditions.

Life Expectancy

If the Plott hound mix is cared for properly, they usually have a lifespan of 12 to 13 years. However, this can differ depending on their health and environment.


While the Plott hound is the state dog of North Carolina, it is a very rare breed and not well-known in other states. This breed is friendly, courageous, intelligent, and easy to train. However, they tend to be wary of strangers and protective of their owners. But, when combined with a Labrador retriever, they are one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet. They often inherit their personalities from their Labrador parent, as they enjoy the company of humans. Additionally, these hybrids are eager to please and will follow their owners around like a shadow. Furthermore, these dogs make the perfect running or hiking companions, as they are energetic, adventurous, and have incredible stamina.

How to Take Care of a Plott Hound Mix

These hybrids are not easy to care for; they have a lot of needs, especially when it comes to physical and emotional requirements. So, this breed would not be ideal for people who don’t have a lot of free time. For example:


The Plott hound Lab mix is a moderate shedder, but they do shed heavily twice a year during shedding season. However, if you brush them two to three times a week, you can keep the shedding to a minimum. Additionally, their oral health is very important, so they need their teeth brushed at least three times a week with a toothpaste specially formulated for dogs. Lastly, they need their ears cleaned regularly and their nails trimmed every three months or when they start to touch the ground.


The trainability of the Plott hound Lab mix will depend on how skilled the trainer is and which parent they take after. While this hybrid is intelligent, it can inherit the Plott hound’s stubbornness and independence. These hunting dogs must be relentless when tracking their prey, so traits like stubbornness and independence are desired. However, it could take after the Labrador, friendly and hardworking. Therefore, when training them, consider these suggestions:

  • Consistency and patience – Plott hound mixes respond best to positive reinforcement, so practice often with consistent actions, rewards, and praise.
  • Start training from a young age – owners can start training their hybrids as soon as they arrive. At eight weeks old, their minds are already like sponges. If you leave it too late; for example, at around six months, they will already be headstrong and disobedient.
  • Socialization from a young age – if you want your Plott hound mix to get along with other pets or people when they are older, enroll them in a puppy class, or expose them to various guests and other animals at home regularly.


As the Plott hound Lab mix has two energetic parents, they, too, have bundles of energy and require significant amounts of exercise. Therefore, owners must ensure their hybrid gets at least an hour of exercise daily to remain healthy. It is also an excellent opportunity to bond with their companions. Additionally, these dogs love water and, on hot days, would prefer to cool off in the pool or frolic between the waves on the beach. But always keep a watchful eye when you are out with your Plott hound mix, as they will follow their noses and are known for roaming.


These hybrids usually have between five to eight puppies per litter. Owners need to be prepared for these mischievous pups, as they are energetic, curious, and extremely naughty! As they are a rare breed, it will be tough to find a breeder. However, you can always approach a Labrador retriever or Plott hound rescue and enquire if they know where you can get one of these mixes.

Plott Hound Mix and Children

While the Plott hound Lab mix is friendly, loyal, and affectionate, they are unsuitable for young families because of their size and energy levels. As they are medium-large dogs, they can accidentally knock over little ones in excitement, and the child could get injured. In addition, these hybrids should be the only pet as they have a high prey drive, and no amount of socialization will keep them from chasing smaller animals.

Plott Hound Mix Cost

The price of a Plott hound Lab mix varies widely depending on the breeder, location, and pedigree. However, you can expect to pay between $300 to $2,000. If you are lucky enough to find one in a shelter, the going rate is around $300. But, if you find a reputable breeder, the price is closer to $2000.

Dogs similar to the Plott Hound Mix

 Popular Names for a Plott Hound Mix

  • Apollo
  • Ragnor
  • Toby
  • Sugar
  • Scout
  • Samson
  • Jasmine
  • Sammy
  • Duke
  • Cassie
  • Simba
  • Mickey
  • Venus
  • Jagger
  • Charlie

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Plott Hound Mix FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is a Plott Hound mixed with?

The Plott hound is a mix between a bloodhound and a mountain cur.

Are Plott hounds dog aggressive?

If the Plott hound is not trained properly, it can be aggressive around its toys or food. In addition, they tend to be wary of strangers.

How rare is a Plott Hound?

While the Plott hound is the state dog of North Carolina, it is a very rare breed and not well-known in other states.

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