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Canis lupus

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The Bracco Italiano is considered the oldest European pointer. It was a popular hunting dog during the Renaissance, being bred by both the Medici and Gonzaga families.


Bracco Italiano Scientific Classification

Scientific Name
Canis lupus

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Bracco Italiano Conservation Status

Bracco Italiano Locations

Bracco Italiano Locations

Bracco Italiano Facts

Name Of Young
Group Behavior
  • Pack
Fun Fact
The Bracco Italiano is considered the oldest European pointer. It was a popular hunting dog during the Renaissance, being bred by both the Medici and Gonzaga families.
Most Distinctive Feature
The Bracco Italian has a distinctive loping gait.
Other Name(s)
Italian Pointing Dog
Gestation Period
63 weeks
People loving, playful, gentle, needs to work, stubborn

Bracco Italiano Physical Characteristics

  • White
  • Orange
  • Chestnut
  • Multi-colored
Skin Type
10-14 years
55-90 lbs.
21-27 niches

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Few dogs have a history like the Bracco Italiano. An ancient Italian hunting breed dating back to images from the 4th and 5th centuries BC, this member of the sporting group is known for its tireless gait and excellent nose. Its hunting techniques have changed from assisting net hunters to assisting falconers to hundreds of years of gun hunting. It now points and retrieves. It can even retrieve waterfowl because it’s a good swimmer.

The Bracco also loves people. A good family dog, the Bracco Italiano loves to play, is reliable, intelligent, gentle, and easy to train. It also does well with children and pets. Its primary need is to please its family.

The 2 Different Types of Bracchi Italiani

There were actually two types of Bracco Italiano a hundred years ago or so: the Piedmontese and the Lombard pointers. These two breeds were combined to unify the traits of the breed.

Bracco Italiano Fun Fact 

It is considered the oldest European pointer. It was a popular hunting dog during the Renaissance, bred by both the Medici and Gonzaga families.

3 Pros and Cons of Owning Bracco Italiano 

The Bracco Italiano is good with kids. They are especially good if they are raised around them. Italianos are gentle, tolerant, and protective of them.The Italiano has a large snout and the jowls hang loosely from it. This causes the dog to drool, though it’s not excessive.
Nothing makes the Italiano happier than to know that it pleased the person in its life!The Bracco Italiano is an active dog that requires lots of exercise and activity. Sometimes this is more than the average family can handle.
Because of its people-pleasing nature, this dog is easy to train.Occasionally, the Italiano can be stubborn. When it is on task, it can be preoccupied and freeze out any commands from the owner.

The Best Dog Food For Bracco Italiano

The Bracco Italiano has a a high metabolism and requires high calorie food. Vets recommend a nutritionally balanced, dry dog food with protein, grains, fruit, and vegetables. A-Z Animals recommends Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food.

Bracco Italiano Size and Weight

The Italiano is a large breed dog, with male and female standing about 21-27 inches at the shoulder and weighing 55-90 pounds.

Height (Male):21-27 inches
Height (Female):21-27 inches
Weight (Male):55-90 lbs.
Weight (Female):55-90 lbs.

Bracco Italiano Common Health Issues

A relatively healthy dog, apart from conditions that many large breeds are susceptible to, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. They do have a tendency to develop eye conditions like entropian (the eyelid curls in, causing irritation, and possibly ulcers) and ectropian eyelids (the lid curls out, allowing irritants and debris to enter the eye, possibly causing infection.)

Bracco Italiano Temperament

The Bracco is a gentle, playful dog that gets along with small animals and other dogs. It loves to play and is good with children. Bracchi Italiani are happy with their families and need to be close to people.

They also are very active and need to work. They are highly trainable, though they can get stubborn when they have their minds set on something else.

How To Take Care of Bracco Italiano  

Bracco Italiano

The Italiano has a large snout and the jowls hang loosely from it. This causes the dog to drool, though it’s not excessive.

Bracco Italiano Maintenance And Grooming 

The Bracco Italiano has a thick and short coat which requires minimal care. Brushing it weekly with a hound glove should be enough for periodic care. The long floppy ears have a tendency to get dirty, so you should periodically use a cloth and some shampoo or soap to clean them. The occasional bath will keep them clean.

Keep the interior of the ears free of wax and debris to prevent infection. Also, brush the dogs teeth a few times a week and trim the nails periodically.

Bracco Italiano Training 

The Bracco Italiano is a very trainable dog, but it can also be stubborn. Training it requires patience and calmness. It really is eager to please, it just has a tendency to get involved in its own tasks. Don’t be harsh with it, because it is very sensitive, and would be heartbroken to know it had let you down. If you want to combine training with exercise, try enlisting it in obedience, agility, or rally work.

Bracco Italiano Exercise 

Bracchi Italiani have high energy levels, so they require at least 30 minutes of walking or activity a day, though they would enjoy much more. When they hunt, they have a long, loping gait, that eats up the miles, so they would make good jogging companions. They also like swimming! Be careful to avoid high-impact activities that might hurt their bones or joints.

Bracco Italiano Puppies

Many puppies tend to chew, and Bracchi Italiani are no exception. They aren’t excessive at it, though, if they are kept busy. The puppy stage is a good time to start socializing and training them. When exercising the puppies, avoid letting them run or jump on hard surfaces. This can cause damage to their developing joints and bones. Finally, be sure to purchase them from a reputable breeder and get their health history.

Bracco Italiano And Children

The Bracco Italiano is very good with children. As a matter of fact, in many households, the Bracco and the kids are inseparable playmates! The dog is gentle with kids and protective of them as well. THey can be tolerant of a lot of tugging and pulling that many dogs would snap at. They are incredibly patient animals.

Dogs Similar to Bracco Italiano

Spinone Italiano This Italian pointer has much in common with the Bracco Italiano. Like the Bracco, it is affectionate and energetic. It is also one of the world’s oldest hunting breeds.

English Setter The English Setter is also a high energy affectionate European hunting breed. While not as ancient as the Bracco or Spinone, 400-500 years is still pretty respectable.

English Pointer A European hunting breed, the English Pointer is also a lovable family dog. It has high energy needs, but it makes a wonderful addition to an active and responsible family.

Popular Names for Bracco Italiano

  • Biscotti
  • Leonardo
  • Giovanni
  • Mario
  • Milan
  • Luna
  • Mercede
  • Stella
  • Mira
  • Elena

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Bracco Italiano FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is a Brocco Italiano a good family dog?

It’s a good dog for an attentive and active family. Bracci Italiani love people and want nothing more than to be near them and interact with them. The dog is good with children, too. The only thing is that they require a lot of attention and a job, or they can get noisy and destructive.

How much does a Brocco Italiano cost?

$1,200 to $2,500 is a standard price from a reputable breeder. If a breeder is asking for less, scrutinize the offer carefully. Always ask for vaccination and health screening records.

What breeds make up a Brocco Italiano?

Thousands of years ago, they were bred from the Segugio Italiano (an ancient scent hound) and the now-extinct Asiatic Mastiff.

Is the Brocco Italiano rare?

The dog is rare in the United States, though hundreds are registered yearly in Europe.

Does the Italiano get along well with other pets?

The Bracco Italiano gets along well with pets if socialized early. It really is a gentle dog, but it is a hunter, so it’s important to get it used to other animals early on.

Does the Bracco Italiano shed?

The Italiano does shed, but it is a light shedder.

What does Bracco mean?

Bracco means “hound” in Italian.

Is the Bracco Italiano recognized by the AKC?

The Bracco was recognized by the AKC in 2022 as a member of the sporting dog group.

Is the Bracco Italiano hypoallergenic?

Though it sheds little, the Bracco Italiano is not hypoallergenic.

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